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The House

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The house where Franchy’s Suites is currently located was built in 1905 by the architect Ramón Estanca. However, it is the third house of a generation of a Genoese family who came to Tenerife to participate in the conquest of the island of Tenerife at the beginning of the 16th century. As a reward, the King of Spain granted them a series of lands, including the plot where the present house is located.

On this plot was located the thousand-year-old Drago tree, which Alexander Von Humboldt, when he stayed there in 1799, classified as the oldest living being on the planet. The tree was 21 metres high and 16 metres in circumference. It was so large that inside the Drago, whose trunk was hollow, meetings and apparently religious ceremonies were held.

Suite de Franchy Hotel Tenerife
Suite de Franchy Hotel Tenerife

The island of Tenerife was divided up around this Drago tree after the conquest and it was previously the meeting place of the aboriginal Guanches.

The two previous houses were destroyed by fires in 1745 and 1901.

In addition to Alexander von Humboldt, Sabin Berthelot and other illustrious visitors also stayed in the old house.

Suites de Franchy

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